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Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet (MEDIUM)

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The Pet Loo™ portable toilet for dogs, cats, and small pets is an alternative to pee pads, bathroom breaks, and litter boxes.


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Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet - How it works

The Pet Loo™ portable toilet for dogs, cats, and small pets is an

alternative to pee pads, bathroom breaks, and litter boxes.

Ideal for apartments, toilet training and occasions when you can’t

let your pet out, the Pet Loo™ gives your pet a bathroom anywhere

he needs it.

  • pet looPlace the Pet Loo™ anywhere inside or outside.
  • Your pet stands on the Pet Loo™. The reinforced base can easily support your pet's weight.
  • When your pet pees on the Pet Loo™, the urine drains through small holes in the synthetic grass.
  • Urine trickles down through the grass into the catchment jug.
  • The special powder in the Pee Pod™ solidifies urine into a gel. Less odour, less mess!
  • Remove the catchment jug and pour the urine into your toilet or garden.
  • When your pet poops on the Pet Loo™, simply scoop up as you would in a normal back garden!

The optional Pee-Pod™ Urine Disposal Kit is a biodegradable container that fits neatly inside the Pet Loo™. Sprinkle Wee Sponge™ powder in the Pee-Pod™. When the powder comes in contact with urine, it rapidly absorbs the urine and turns it into a solidified gel, trapping any airborne odours. When the gel is thrown out, so are the odours. Together, the Wee Sponge and Pee-Pod™ allow the Pet Loo™ to hold at least 100 times its weight in liquid!

Key Features

- Convenient, portable pet toilet for use almost anywhere

- Easy to train your pet to use

- Appealing to dogs- feels like real grass

- Reinforced base easily supports pet’s weight

- Removable container for easy cleanup

- Alternative to pee pads and litter boxes

- Easy to keep clean- wipe with warm water

- Optional Pee Pod powder traps liquid and odour


- For indoor or outdoor use

System Includes

- Grass pad pets potty on

- Reinforced plastic base with angled tray top

- Removable waste container to catch liquid

- 1 disposable Pee Pod container fits in waste container

- Wee Sponge powder trial-size amount; lasts a few days


Pet Loo Sizing Chart

Choose a size based on your pet's size or the size of the location where you will place the toilet.
The small toilet is perfect for smaller spaces such as caravans, campers, offices and patios.
For dogs who prefer to circle before doing their business, a slightly larger size would be better.

Size Dimensions Pets
Large/Original 83 x 83 x 12,5cm Large/medium dogs
Medium/Mini Wee 63 x 63 x 12,5cm Medium dogs
Small/Kitty Kat 53 x 45 x 11,5cm Small Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets

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Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet

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