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PetSafe Bark Control Collar
PetSafe Bark Control Collar
PetSafe Bark Control Collar
PetSafe Bark Control Collar



PetSafe Bark Control Collar

Barcode : 729849166363

PetSafe® Premium Bark Control Collar is the simplest bark control collar available. The Bark Control consists of a special receiver, which fits on a collar around the dog`s neck and works with a battery.

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It is in the nature of some dogs that they answer every little noise with a bark or even bark for hours when their owner is not at home. This excessive barking is annoying for you and your neighbours, but it's also stressful for the dog. The dog does not calm down and becomes unbalanced and nervous.


When your dog barks, the anti bark collar gives a mild correction. Then if he continues to bark, he will receive a slightly stronger correction. This correction is similar to the static electricity experienced from a car door or a lift button. As soon as the dog has learned not to bark as loud as before, the initial warning pulse strength is automatically reduced.

Thanks to an integrated safety function, the collar is automatically switched off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more within 80 seconds.


  • integrated safety function (automatic switch)
  • stimulus pulse strength increases automatically with every bark
  • initial warning pulse strength decreases automatically as soon as the dog learns to bark less
  • fast, easy to use solution for excessive barking
  • anti-bark collar with replaceable batteries
  • 15 impulse levels
  • two-colour LED display shows battery status
  • battery life is between approx. 3 and 6 months
  • test mode
  • adjustable nylon collar, for a neck circumference of up to 68 cm
  • very easy handling

  • 1 x PetSafe anti-bark dog training collar "PBC19-16636"
  • 2 x long contact pins
  • 2 x short contact pins
  • 2 x 6-volt alkaline batteries
  • 1 x test light
  • 1 x manual

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