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SportDOG Canvas Adult Dummy /White/
SportDOG Canvas Adult Dummy /White/

Dog Training DUMMY


SportDOG Canvas Adult Dummy /White/

Size: 7 cm x  26 cm  Weight:  455 g


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Price: €6,85

High-visibility white dummies, a favorite of upland hunters, are good for throwing against all backgrounds .

These canvas training dummies are just the right size for training adult and sporting dogs. Weighted for easy throwing, they simulate actual game size and weight. The canvas material holds game scent better than plastic dummies.
Key Features: 
    • Perfect for adult and sporting dogs
    • Readily holds game scent
    • Includes rope for throwing
    • Weighted for easy throwing
    • Available in 1 pack
    • Size: 6 cm x  26 cm
    • Weight: 455 g



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