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PetSafe SmartKey
PetSafe SmartKey
PetSafe SmartKey



PetSafe SmartKey

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PetSafe SmartKey

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PetSafe SmartKey


This extra SmartKey can be used for an additional pet using your Electronic SmartDoor. Our innovative Smart Door recognizes the SmartKey worn on your pet’s collar and unlocks the pet door. After your pet has passed through and the SmartDoor no longer senses your pet's SmartKey, it automatically locks back into place. Each SmartDoor can program upto 5 SmartKey units.


Small children can pass through door.


- Additional SmartKey for the SmartDoor and the Smart Doorbell™

- Program up to 5 SmartKey units

- Waterproof collar submersible up to 5 feet

- Compatible with the Electronic SmartDoor (PPA11-10709 & PPA11-10711)

System Includes

- 1 SmartKey

- 1 RFA-67 battery