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Insulated Flap Kit for Extreme Weather Pet Door / LARGE /

Reference: MPA00-12819

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This insulated replacement flap kit fits the Extreme Weather Pet Door.



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This insulated replacement flap kit fits the Extreme Weather Pet Door. The kit includes the insulated replacement flap, the flap clamp, the flap back plate, and the flap mounting screws. The insulated flap offers protection from extreme heat and cold, drafts, insects, and driving rain. The insulated flap does not fit any other models of doors.

This is the yellow middle flap in your pet door. If you need to replace the vinyl flaps on either side of the insulated flap, you will need to purchase a Replacement Flap.


Small children can pass through door.
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- Insulated replacement flap

- Compatible with Extreme Weather Pet Door

More Information

How to Replace Your Door Flap

To replace the flap in your pet door, remove the screws from the interior frame of the pet door. Remove the bar and old flap(s). Fit the new flap in the frame. Reposition the flaps horizontally and vertically if needed. Replace the bar and tighten the screws.

System Includes

- 1 insulated replacement flap

- 1 flap clamp

- 1 flap backing plate

- 8 screws

Sizing Chart

All measurements are approximate. The flap in your door might not match these dimensions exactly. Door flaps tend to shrink or warp over time. If you're not sure which replacement flap you need, contact Customer Care and we'll help you choose.

Replacement FlapFits These PetSafe Pet DoorsExtreme Weather Door
  Door Size Frame Dimensions
Small (4 1/4" x 7") Small 7 3/4" x 10 3/4"
Medium (8" x 11") Medium 10 3/4" x 14 3/4"
Large (10 1/2" x 15 1/2") Large 12 3/4" x 18 3/4"

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